Ahhhh….summer.  Slow down.  Capture it for more than a moment.  Behold its beauty.  It’s warmth.  Dance in the lush bladed carpeting between your toes and chase bugs that glow.  Feel the heat of hours of sun baked into pavement on the bottoms of your bare feet.  Warm them.  Dip them in water off of a dock.  Cool them.  Drive.  For hours. Touch the soft velvet of brilliant wildly-colored blooms.  Listen to the chorus of the night owl.  Really listen.  Can you hear him?  He sounds hungry…”who cooks for you…?  Who cooks for you…?”  This seems to be his question over and over.  Look up.  Mama bird is poking worms into oversized beaks poking out of feathers in your hanging basket.  Hear thunder.  Watch lightening.  Inhale magnolia in June.  Have front porch conversations on nothing-Saturday mornings and slowed-down evenings after filled bellies are satisfied with fried chicken and family. Get to know one another better in this slower pace of summer with extended evenings.  Front porch conversations talk about 6 foot 3 holdin’ 5 foot nothin’s hand at an old time county fair, and the glee of extended Ferris wheel rides.  Innocent dates. Front porch conversations talk about get rich quick ideas with a 19 year old and the wisdom of Gods word and the value of long. Steady. Hard. Work. Front porch conversations allow for real muscle crunching belly laughter…that heals.  Good medicine for tired bones and weary hearts.  Front porches house wicker in small spaces for nestling close and listening well.  Peer into eyes… Sink into souls.  Stay.   The cat and the dog drift off to familiar voices having real life face to face conversations while cell phones are charging out of sight and reach.  Front porches echo stories of the two who are one’s first days and months together.  Lessons are learned from stories like these….as true love deepens.  Front porch conversations forget t.v.  Front porch conversations forget the work of the day and dream about tomorrow.  ahhhhh…….front porches were made for summer.  Come, sit…..just “be” on the front  porch.  Experience the stillness.  Don’t plan.  Don’t rush.  Just sink…..he is God, you know?  Maybe…just maybe, God created summer for rest. To rest from work.  To retreat.  To sabbath.  To breathe.  To sink deeper into Him.  Longer into Him.  Pressing.  A time to love one another better.  Longer.  Harder….as we work on relationships.  Pray.  Pray wisely about seasons and times for serving….and times for resting.  Evaluate and examine.  Prioritize.  Love the members of your household well by just being mom.  Being there.  Teach them not to rush…..and really use your front porch for what it’s there for.  Sitting.  Being still.

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