I am passionate about being a wife and mother.  I am even more passionate about living out my calling as a wife and mother in the way God designed me to live.  Yet I cannot be passionate and excited about this calling unless I am first and foremost most passionate about my Savior, my Life,my First Love, in Christ.  He is the reason I write to you today for apart from Him I can do nothing.  So I have learned to abide in Him and He has truly made my joy complete in Him and what He has assigned me to do in this life.  Two of the greatest gifts second to the undeserved gift of salvation are being a wife and mother.  I have longed to write about and teach younger women who are married what a high and valuable calling this.  I say calling, because in Christ we are called to walk in a manner worthy of Him and the gospel of grace.  But often marriage and children are left clinging to our yoga pants as we run out the door and pursue what we believe to be more satisfying, more fulfilling, or even more for the Kingdom of God.  Breathe with me for a second, sweet mama….exhausted wife…come inhale the rest that is offered to you by the gentle and easy yoke of Christ (Matthew 11:28-30).  Be still and know that He is God (Psalm 46:10).  Did you know the original meaning of the word “still” as used in the verse, means to sink down or into?  Oh sweet and cherished, highly esteemed daughter of God, would you sink down into Him with me as we let the truth of His Word wash over us, revive us and give us a fresh outlook on our marriages and motherhood as we place ourselves under the yoke of Him who views marriage as a reflection of loving something so hard, so furiously, so relentlessly and unstoppable that he gave His life for it?  That’s right.  God loved the church and all those who would come to truly know Him so much, nothing could stop this mysterious love.  Not even death.  Do we long to love our husbands like this? Have we lost all hope of loving like this? Are we numb to the passion and the heights and depths and deeply felt emotions for our husbands we once had?  Let me stop you right there.   If you are hungry…if your are broken in marriage…if you feel nothing because youve been living too long in a lifeless marriage….if the distractions and demands of this world have choked out the truth of the beauty, sacrifice, and joy of your marriage….and stolen from you the incomparable sweetness of just you and child being together as an afternoon disappears, but holds the memory of skin on skin cuddling, echoes of silly giggles…at nothing…..and looking into deep inquisitive eyes that taught you something new about your child’s mysterious heart.  If you are exhausted from the constant demands of children and your life doesn’t look like the way you had always dreamed of….if life is so rushed that you feel as though the lives of your children are whizzing by at the rate of  the latest and greatest preschool and their teaching methods so your child doesn’t fall behind, to recognizing their talents before they can speak so that you can ensure they are enrolled in whatever it is that will enhance these seemingly unique and gifted abilities but run you ragged and leave you living for your next paycheck instead of for things that moth and rust cannot destroy in the gift of relationship.  From sports to music, to new  apps and programs that you are simply suffocating, struggling to breathe (and for some this is literal as we suffer from the effects of anxiety as a result of a too full schedule) then please sink down with me.  Sink down into Him with me as we explore His instructions to us, to His cherished, beloved women, and find true rest for your soul and the souls of those He has given to you and entrusted to you in your husband and wee ones. My desire is to help us discover “His rivers of delight”…..because “in His light, we see light” (Psalm 36).  Yes, precious sisters, as we open up our bibles and look at, meditate on, and learn from Him and  his desire for us and the families He has given to us, we will be splashing one another in the outpouring of His fountain of grace.  Prayerfully, I will write weekly and explore the whole context of His Word as we embrace the beauty and sophistication of our feminine roles.  Will you join me?


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