“And I, Daniel, was overcome and lay sick for some days. Then I rose and went about the king’s business, but I was appalled by the vision and did not understand it

In those days, I Daniel, was mourning for three weeks, (Daniel 8:27, 10:2).

Why was Daniel, a man called and anointed by God, placed in leadership of the King’s court over Babylon, sick? Mourning? The answer is simple:

Daniel mourned for what God had shown him in a vision what was to come for his people.

It terrified him.

He wrestled in anguish over it.

He was sick over it.

He fasted over it.

He lost all strength over it.

Became depressed over it.


My Bible commentary puts it this way:

“On hearing of the magnitude and power of the spiritual forces ranged against God’s people in Jerusalem, Daniel was overtaken again by such an overwhelming sense of weakness that he was bowed to the ground, unable even to speak until the angel touched him on the lips.”

For those of us who have interceded on behalf of America, we have felt the weight of spiritual oppression on the rise and ranks against her, like no other time in history. In an era that is defined by freedom of choice from the gruesome murder and dismembering of developing children in the womb, to the growing advocation of assisted suicide at end stages of life, it is clear this country values not what God values, and has deemed themselves their own “god” over themselves, and the lives of others they represent. This is only a glimpse of the systemic evil that has infiltrated our country, embraced by the weak, praised by the proud and violent, and sung in celebratory voice by the hearts of those under a guise of moving forward together in unity. One nation under God? That is a false narrative spoken by those sworn into the leadership of our country, with hand on the very word of God, yet their hearts far from Him and the very Kingdom He represents and to which we are called to represent as Christ followers. Their initiatives and plans are devised out of an anti-Christ Spirit, who know neither the Spirit of Elijah, nor the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

What is the spirit of Elijah?

1 Kings 18:19-21,

“Now therefore send and gather all Israel to me and Mt. Carmel, and the 450 prophets of Baal, and the 400 prophets of Asherah,, who eat at Jezebel’s table. So Ahab sent to all the people of Israel and gathered the prophets together at mount Carmel. And Elijah came near to all the people and said, “how long will you go limping between two differing opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal, then follow him. And the people did not answer him a word.” Elijah’s work was to reveal the true God of Israel in a time of growing national crisis.

“Elijah is quite instructive here. He began to prophesy in a time of immediate crisis, one that would become far worse before it ever improved. There was tremendous evil to overcome. His ministry took place about 150 years before Israel was to fall, becoming the Lost Ten Tribes, so God was beginning to make a powerful witness to them. Elijah’s work was to reveal the true God to Israel in a time of growing national crisis. Elijah prepared the way for Elisha, who had a double portion of Elijah’s spirit and did many more miracles. In this regard, Elijah was a type of John the Baptist, and Elisha, a type of Christ. God’s pattern is being established. He sends someone long before the real crisis reaches its peak, while it is building.

Elijah says disturbing things. This is a prophet’s job, a hallmark of a prophet of God. People like to feel comfortable. The only trouble is that people like to feel comfortable in moral mediocrity. They become “settled on their lees,” as it says in Zephaniah 1:12. The prophet comes along and troubles people by awakening them to their sins, making them feel guilty about their relationships with God and each other. He awakens them to their spiritual and moral responsibilities. These Israelites were lethargic in terms of true, spiritual matters.” (Bibletools.org).

Do not be deceived dear brothers and sisters, about who or what is in charge of our country right now. Am I saying that God has not raised up current leadership, as He has in times past, with evil emperors, kings and dictators? Do not misunderstand my plea to you for an an inability to recognize God’s sovereignty over our nation and the entire world. This is not a blog about God’s sovereignty or ultimate plan for America, who, by the way, God loves fiercely, just as much as He loves every other nation, no matter their apostasy. But that is just it. We are living in an age of apostasy, and many will fall away from the knowledge of the truth during this time. This blog is not an argument, but rather a plea.

At that time many will fall away and will betray one another and hate one another. Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many. Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold.” Matthew 24:10-12.

I am amazed that you are so quickly deserting Him who called you by the grace of Christ, for a different gospel;” Galatians 1:6.

Then you will begin to say, ‘We ate and drank in Your presence, and You taught in our streets’; and He will say, ‘I tell you, I do not know where you are from; depart from Me, all you evildoers.” luke 13:26-27

Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction.” 2 Thessalonians 2:3

For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will also be ashamed of him when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels.” Mark 8:38

But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons” 1 Timothy 4:1.

You therefore, beloved, knowing this beforehand, be on your guard so that you are not carried away by the error of lawless people and lose your own stability.” 2 Peter 3:17.

Who are these “lawless people”? What are the “doctrines of demons?” What about the “different gospel?” Who are the “false prophets?”

I would like to suggest to you that at the heart of all of the above would be a “spirit of compromise.” Those who call evil good and good evil. Those who promote their own agendas with lofty opinions that raise themselves up against the true knowledge of God and His word. Doctrines of demons are not necessarily books on witchcraft, or the occult, but rather the deceptive innerworkings of a skilled and strategic enemy of our souls promoting what sounds good or looks good or for the common good with a willingness to compromise the unequivocal authority and inerrancy of God’s word. The above Scripture in 2 Peter warns to not follow into error….how do we not do that? By ABIDING in the Word of God every single day and letting it seep into the fabric of our beings, without compromise to the things of this world. But we are also instructed to be on alert and stand firm and know the plans and schemes of the enemy who is at work in the unseen realm. An enemy who is against God’s people and will stop at nothing to destroy them. One of his greatest tactics is the pro-choice movement, because he has ushered in the greatest genocide in all of time through the sacrifice of 63,000,000 babies. Christ is the giver of life. Satan comes to destroy it (John 15:10). It cannot be any clearer than that. THERE IS NO GRAY AREA. God created man and women in His image. Beautiful, with characteristics, gender specific roles, and responsibilities to best reflect His image and plan for the family on this earth. Satan is Leviathan, which means “to twist,” and comes to pervert and twist that which God created as beautiful and “very good” into confusion, hopelessness, despair and then gives voice to ‘Did God really say…?” Did God really say you can’t be a woman? A boy? or both? Did God really say that is life in your womb? A beautiful baby being knit together by the very hand of God and not a lump of tissue? Yes! Yes, God did really say!

When a man is raised up in my country with an evil agenda, and on day one seeks to sign documents stating all taxpayers will fund planned parenthood. I WILL NOT CELEBRATE. I will not compromise God’s heart on the issues of abortion, freedom, (in case you didn’t know, He really does want us to be free) or gender.

Yesterday was a day for mourning the lawlessness and compromise that was elevated to the highest level of leadership in our nation. It was not a time to look for mere words of “God bless this nation” as a glimmer of hope spoken by those whose hearts know not the living God. If Scripture was said or used in any of the ceremonial customs of the day, never forget the enemy quoted Scripture to both Eve, and Jesus. Eve fell. Jesus stood.

I beseech you to first and foremost pray for unity within the body of Christ so that we may rise up as a mighty force of truth, justice, righteousness and love in these times of wickedness. Do not mistake love for agreeing with people. We are called to peace, but first and foremost in the body of Christ. Secondly, as much as it is up to us, but never in a spirit of compromise or fear of man.

I will not celebrate. I will mourn for the state of our nation, and what she faces under this leadership. I will pray for her, and our leadership. For the Spirit of conviction and repentance and wisdom to be upon them. I will trust in our Amazing God to allow His people to thrive under this leadership as long as they trust in Him and not man and refuse to compromise. I will pray for the welfare of this nation for in its welfare, we (the people of God) will find our welfare. (Jeremiah 29).


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