I saw the moon in a blackened sky

as sleepy heads stirred and soft mama lips hushed baby’s cry.

Around the moon bore a soft illumined glow,

twilight danced and stars blinked,

strung low. 

I thought of my Creator, who is and always was to exist

speaking into the void

cutting through mist.

the morning stood at a distance awaiting its command

to shed forth the sun and light up this land.  

at the crack of creation a covenant was fixed,

day and night would be separate and no longer mixed. 

the dark interrupted by streams of bright light,

shot forth from his mouth, opening the night.

bases were sunk to hold up the earth,

 the deep obeyed its bounds,

and lines were drawn around mountains outlining their girth. 

Man has no excuse to deny our God most high, 

just wake before dawn 

and gaze into the blackened sky.  

The keeper of  tens of thousands of moons, 

Stringer of stars, 

 carver of lone desert dunes,

This God who gave form to a bottomless void,

calls us each into  love 

and swelled hearts overjoyed.

The same God who drew patterns of rivers and seas

connecting the land and painting the trees,

molded man from the dust and fashioned women from man’s side,

Is calling today, come near and abide.

come dwell with the God who unlike man knew no birth,

yet created his people with intrinsic worth.

Yes, that’s you in His image were made,

to shine forth His glory,

as all distractions fade.

Fading fast in His presence, 

as you sink into his embrace

kissed by His love

in this holy secret place.

A place so sacred, 

he cannot wait to share

to tell you His story, will you listen?

Do you dare?

of love on a tree, crushed and bleeding, a criminals death, and a just decree.

the demons they trembled, bowed low to defeat, the enemies works destroyed,

a new mercy seat. 

at the right hand of the Father, He now sits to reign,

a scepter of righteousness, makes free from all blame.

If sin keeps you shackled and fear has you bound,

repent lost sinner, for you have been found!

So run to that place

and dance with delight

seek his presence,

know His gaze, 

surrender the fight!

Sink into that gaze that burns with jealous fire,

adorning yourself in His righteous attire.

Let your mind and your heart unite in cries of praise,

seek His Spirit, 

feel His touch ignite a holy blaze.

Then up from your knees, lift your eyes from the floor

show others the way, 


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