There is a stirring in the places in me I’m not sure I have always felt.  Do those places even exist?  I mean, is there really a place between joint and marrow?  Soul and spirit? And if so, who has permission to invade the uninvade-able? to pierce through the unpierce-able? To penetrate the unpenetrate-able?  Its like every breath I breathe travels to places I will never see but only feel and fingers tremble as I press down on keys of plastic forming words birthed out of the stir.

A few weeks ago I awoke to the light peering over the dark, reaching through glass as a curious blink interrupted streams of love and light, color and heat.  The gaze was love, the blink birthed interest…

who are we that You should take notice of us?

That your dawn should awaken us?  That Your spirit should stir us and bring to life what we thought we had lost, or what was yet to be called into existence?  Like those places.… There was a time, forgotten by most, remembered by some, clung to by others, that You walked in a garden on a bed of soft color and as your knees imprinted earth, your hands scooped up dust and let it run and sift through the very fingers that would one day drive out demons as Your Kingdom came close.  Those hands formed our very lives…..every intricate cell, nucleus, chromosome, and You touched us there in your fashioning…your handiwork, your artistry.

You. touched. US. there.

We felt the hand of God knit together joint and marrow, trace the outline of our soul and join it to our spirit….stitch after stitch…

and then you breathed.

It was Your breath that stirred everything within us and we sprang from earth’s dust to a living, breathing image of You.

We felt the triune joy and drank the threefold love.  We danced inside the Holy circle and knew You.

Death we did not know.  Pain, inconceiveable.

Only us…

stirred into motion,

made to dance, fashioned to feel depths of love unleashed from your fountain riding on the rhythms of Your heart.

And this was us and You.

And then the stirring and colliding of our perfect union was fractured and our bodies collided with dirt as we lay dead. Darkness played the chords of a solemn death march because we wanted to be like you instead of the simplicity of enjoying You and what you had made us for, and the major lift and minor fall composed only chaos. The notes screeched and screamed and perfect harmony was shattered by lies laced with truth.  Our hands reached for knowledge and our mouths tasted evil.  Our dance fumbled and fell outside the Holy circle.

And your heart grieved so…..

You closed your mouth 400 years.

We became a people of pain and death, sorrow and despair, clawing at the dirt, attempting to rise from our graves.  We became his….the enemy’s, held captive to do his will. 


You stepped down out of heaven.

Love kissed earth again in the form of Your Son and the vibrations of Your Power, presence and agency, flooded through our graves. Your Word proved true….Emmanuel was here. 

There were some who were compelled to follow you and others who scorned you, yet you kept loving, teaching, healing and driving out death and oppression and the kingdom of God came close again.  We touched you, saw you…

smelled you…

those who could not resist you had no where else to go and left all for this awakening LOVE.

You told us to repent and believe and to keep believing even when you had to go…

even when you had to hang off a crooked and splintered cross so Your blood could run out of you over us and restore us to the dance.  That blood conquered death and pain and our bondage and captivity and the sin that killed us.

They laid you in a tomb and thought they’d seen the end of you. We could get on with our oblivious slavery and wallow in our shallow graves where we had found our comfort….inhaling the stench of death we no longer recognized.

But power from heaven gave-way in a mighty thunderous quake and the stone shook loose as you rose from death with a mighty shout calling us out of our graves and into light!

You stayed with us and told us to wait until we were CLOTHED WITH POWER FROM ON HIGH. A greater baptism was coming, one of fire and Your Holy Spirit.  So we waited and gathered together in upper rooms and sought Your face in one accord.  Your faithfulness to remain true to Your glory met us with tongues of fire, boldness, and an unstoppable love of the Spirit.  The promise was fulfilled.  Your Spirit poured out on sons and daughters.  Signs and wonder followed those who believed, not to make much of us, but to make much of You!

Over time, we forgot you…our spirits were dulled by religion, lies laced with truth once again…our hands seeking for knowledge, our mouths tasting evil….this way seemed right to man.

The “good news” became old news and somehow we were bored to sleep because we forgot how to live out Your Kingdom in us. We forgot the same power that raised Christ from the dead is within us!  We let unbelief twist its way into our hearts and we were cut off from the vine, and the very energy and life of Christ in the Spirit was quenched and drowned out.  The Healer no longer healed….or if He did it was rare and miracles are really no longer for today, or so we were taught.  Those who were in prison remained in their chains.  The sin-strugglers, stayed beaten and weary in the cycle of confession and sin on a shame-sealed lock-down.  It seemed the enemy had us where he wanted us. We were easy….

Except for the stirring…

The stirring in the places that cried out for the exact representation they saw of the Father in Christ throughout the gospels and all through the New Testament, Acts of the apostles and righteous men and women…the signs following those who believed….and the stirring breathed hope and spread through a community of believers…believers hungry to see our God renew His wonders in our day and breathe us back to life again!  We began to dream dreams and speak with new tongues, heal the sick, and above all love like we ourselves were drunk with the new wine of His love.

We are thirsty, Lord.  So thirsty, the places between are joint and marrow, soul and spirit are aching from our self-inflicted dehydration.  Remind us who the church is called to be!

Built up into the fullness of God,

flooded with the presence, power and agency of Christ through His Spirit…A place where people are set free from anxiety, depression, addiction, loneliness, healed whole in spirit and body, made alive in love and transformed by the renewing of our minds as we remind one another to put on the new self in Christ and let the very words of God, through the Bible divide and pierce through joint and marrow, soul and spirit… awakening those places that are to be filled up with Him until we all grow up into the fullness of Christ together, embracing the HOLY SPIRIT that is a power we cannot know or strive for apart from Christ.  

So now, “Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you by the laying on of my  hands, for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:6.

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