I’m feeling a little like burnt toast…


i think my flavor may be a little charred

and my edges are starting to crumble off themselves.

But I am full like this



The gals and I have been preparing for nine months for this retreat.  Funny, that’s about as long as it takes for a new life to be tenderly formed, skillfully knit by the Master weaver.

this is our baby and we are all feeling the birthing pains…

and our prayer is that we birth forth much fruit out of our labor.

we are only instruments…clay pots

imageright chipped and cracked to our base, but formed and fired in Holy.

This band of women…we ache for you to know Jesus, so we have labored


I’ve tapped out a rhythm of messages


that invite you to this

imageIn order that you may know you are this


And this


And this

imageCome, Abide and make Him your Beloved!

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